Let StreamIT take the stress out of your online event

Online Live

We can provide high quality live streams for your event.


We can provide pre-recorded sessions, integrating with live sessions as required.


We can support you in delivering events which combine actual, in person events, with virtual, on-line sessions.


We listen to your needs and ambitions. Then we help you identify the best format to deliver your event.


Based on your preferences we set up a customized event platform with a registration system and bespoke visuals for the on-line stream.


If needed we assist your presenters in recording their presentations supporting the best video and audio quality of the recordings.


We organize and run test calls with the presenters to deliver the best possible audio and video connections, maximising their contribution to your online event.


During the event we not only run the online stream, but also monitor Questions and Answer and Chat platforms. We also maintain contact with speakers to help address any technical issues.


After the event we provide you compiled videos, Chat & Q and A recording for your further use and event statistics.

web design

Web Designing

We offer professional web design services that are friendly to users, search engines and mobile devices


Creating E-learning platforms

We design e-learning platforms that are user friendly for online courses.

graphic design

Graphic designing

We can provide a full graphic design service for your organisation and events, including visual identification and logos.


Live stream & Video production

We provide live streams for audiences all over the world.

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